We make video games too.



Here’s a quick description:

For my IMGD 2000 course (Social Issues in Interactive Media and Games), we were given two weeks to design a game tackling a social issue. My game discusses the morals in war, and portrays the ideas that power leads to corruption and that a small military has no chance against a larger, more advanced one. Of course, my game is still a goofy 2D platformer, but most of these ideas are shown through the difficulty of the game; you are a single soldier up against an army of many soldiers with the same gear as you. They're also surrounded by technology you don't have access to, however. This should feel incredibly difficult and somewhat unfair when playing.

THE GAME IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL UNFAIR. It should feel stupidly difficult. That's part of the message it's giving.

This is the first game I have ever coded. It's also the first time I've ever worked with Game Maker.

All the sprites and art were made by me (aside from the explosion, that's from Sprites-Inc), with heavy influence from SNES-era titles, especially the Megaman X series. All the music was also made by me.

The sound effects were taken from Megaman X4, and I obtained them through Newgrounds.

Don't get too frustrated trying to beat this -- it's just a demo so there's no reward.